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Published on 18 September 2014 in Business - Written by Julie Kanehl (author)

Live Your Life and Leave the Cleaning to KleanSlate!

KleanSlate Professional Cleaning Services How busy are you? Between work, the kids’ activities, their homework, the birthday parties and the never-ending to do list, the last thing on your list might be cleaning the house. That does not mean it doesn’t get done, but let’s face it, it often means sacrificing the good times! Which begs the question, how valuable is your time? How about turning it into “you” time! What could you be doing with the time you spend every week cleaning your house? Going to the beach? Seeing a movie? Spending quality time with the people you love? So what are you waiting for? Call KleanSlate Professional Cleaning Services and let them do the cleaning for you!

Start with a KleanSlate!

Owned by Ana and Alan Woods, KleanSlate Professional Cleaning Services was created to help people make the best use of their time! To do that, they combined Ana’s 12 years of residential and corporate cleaning experience, as well as her expertise leading a team, with Alan’s background in financial services. In that industry, you work with people to see the larger picture, to reach goals and to make dreams come true. Together, they’ve created an amazing company that makes having a clean house (or place of business) easier than it’s ever been.

Based right here in Trinity, KleanSlate offers cleaning services all over the Tampa Bay Area. Licensed, bonded and insured, trustworthy and dependable, KleanSlate will go the extra mile to make sure that their customers’ cleaning needs are met. Offering traditional services that include mopping, vacuuming, dusting, organizing, laundry, dishes and more, KleanSlate can also be called upon to arrange for other services. Some of these include: carpet and upholstery, tile and grout cleaning, pressure washing, garage organization, de-clutter coaching, and even fish tank cleaning, just to name a few. KleanSlate wants to be your one-stop shop for anything cleaned. In fact, they can even arrange for your car to be cleaned and detailed.

Alan & Ana Woods

To make it easy, KleanSlate Professional Cleaning Services offers a menu on their website that shows three tiers of services, these guidelines help them to determine what kind of cleaning that you’d like to have done at your home. They can do everything from mopping and ironing, to dishes and laundry. Would you like your cabinets organized? Your oven cleaned (you know you’ve been putting that one off!)? Your bathrooms scrubbed and your windows sparkling? Well, KleanSlate can do as much or as little as you’d like!

“Sign Me Up!”

Sparkling Bathrooms
The first step is to call KleanSlate! Someone will schedule a time with you that is convenient to discuss your cleaning needs, and from there, you can consider it done! This meeting is important, so that everyone can get on the same page, such as deciding which time of day is most convenient for you, whether or not you have any pets, and your specific requests.

KleanSlate sets high standards, and is at the forefront of the industry, especially in the area of providing optimum communication opportunities.

As a customer, this includes having an online portal to their website, and being able leave specific messages for KleanSlate, such as “Please focus on the children’s bedrooms today,” or “Please clean it from top to bottom!” Each home is different, and so is each homeowner! Without a guideline, someone may come into your home and spend hours on a basic cleaning, when you might have preferred to have them deep clean the master is especially important for people who work during the day and would like to have someone come into their home while they are away! It would be incredible to come home from work to a beautiful, spotless home, wouldn’t it?

Alan says, “We want to leave the customer, with not simply a clean house, but with a feeling of that resort experience.”

Another way that KleanSlate makes it easy, is that you can pay for your cleaning services right on their website! This eliminates the need to leave money out or having to discuss money in person at all, as this sometimes seems to make customers uncomfortable.

Alan Woods says, “Our goal is to allow you to revise your standards, lower your stress level and to enjoy your life!”

Let KleanSlate Make Your Small Business Sparkle

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs work hard, often working longer hours than many others! If that’s you, consider hiring KleanSlate to do the dirty work. If your place of business is sparkling, you can focus on what you do best! Or both your home and your business, so you can actually enjoy the freedom that having your own business is intended to provide.

Just like their residential services, KleanSlate offers commercial and janitorial cleaning to places all over the Tampa Bay Area. This includes cleaning and restocking of restrooms, cleaning the floor, floor polishing and vacuuming, carpet cleaning, cleaning of break rooms/kitchens, clearing trash, dusting and wiping down of cubicles and more.

Again, what makes KleanSlate so unique, is their willingness to create a custom cleaning program for you and your business. Their concierge approach makes it both easy and affordable, and business owners can rest assured that when they come to work in the morning, they will be ready to open the doors, and leave the rest to KleanSlate!

So, start fresh with KleanSlate and take back your time! Do more of what you love, and leave the cleaning to the pros at KleanSlate Professional Cleaning Services.

KleanSlate offers residential and commercial cleaning services all over the Tampa Bay Area. For more information, visit online or call 1-866-88- KLEAN, that’s 1-866-885-5326!​