Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Ana Woods, the owner of KleanSlate, LLC.

I have more than 12 years in the cleaning industry. I began in Europe – I was born in Portugal – working fulltime for a commercial cleaning firm servicing some of the largest financial institutions in Luxembourg. Where is Luxembourg??? I did this for 10 years, quickly rising to team/crew leader. At the same time, I successfully grew my own residential cleaning business on the side.

Then I met this awesome (his words) American gentleman who is now my husband. I moved with him to the United States in 2002 and settled in west central Florida. Culture shock – I didn’t even speak English. No problem – thankfully learning another language is common for Europeans. Besides my native language of Portuguese, I also speak French and English fluently and understand Italian and Spanish.

Following the birth of our child in 2005, I have worked at Starbucks since 2007. I love it. Interacting with the public has always been natural for me and gaining retail experience in the country known for having the best customer service in the world has been priceless. I’ve received many compliments and awards for my service, for which I am quite proud.

Back to my roots – my passion for cleaning comes from my rural upbringing in Portugal. We worked very hard. Born and raised on a farm in a small village like the ones you’ve seen in the movies, we lived off the land and rarely had a need to make a trip to the nearest town with a store – 20 miles away. Learning the importance of hard work and my mother’s pride in cleanliness laid the ground work for my success after reaching the big city of Luxembourg. Did you find Luxembourg yet?

Now I am bringing that work ethic to KleanSlate. I am excited to share my standards, which I can assure you that you will find no one who has higher, with our staff. I will personally train each and every cleaning staff member, supervise their job, ensure consistency and ultimately provide superior quality assurance to all KleanSlate clientele.

The guarantee KleanSlate provides is my personal guarantee to you – you will be pleased with our service but in the event you are not, we will make it right. We want you 100% satisfied and willing to recommend us to your closest family and friends.

Thank you.