Payments are due the day of your scheduled home cleaning service. KleanSlate encourages payment by MasterCard, Visa or Discover, where we offer a simplified pre-authorized option that allows us to automatically charge your card on the day of service. Advantages to this method of payment is there is no risk of forgetting to leave payment for the maid as well as this removes the need to have the maid handle the payment. As a form of appreciation, KleanSlate will provide a 3% discount against your standard maid service charge for customers choosing the pre-authorized option. Alternatively, we accept payment by check – just leave a check for the maid, made payable to KleanSlate. In the instance a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, we require payment immediately plus $25 to cover bank fees assessed. Also, as a reminder, if a payment choice has not been made and no payment is available upon the maid’s arrival, our house cleaning professional will not provide service. In such a situation, we have a $40 “Unable to Perform Scheduled Service” charge, which covers the cost of transportation as well as losing a service window and related revenue.