Here are Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions KleanSlate gets asked. Click on a question to reveal the answer. In the case you have a question that is not addressed here, send it to us via the form on the left and we will respond to you promptly.

KleanSlate was established on several premises, the two most important being trustworthiness and superior professionalism. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured – this is a very important point. It’s because we choose to operate as a reputable firm in our community, protecting your interests as well as ours to ultimately provide our customers piece of mind. Make this your first question when considering a maid service – “please show me evidence that your company and those that will clean my house are fully licensed, bonded and insured.” Many firms either are not, or only cover their company and not their cleaners. Further, before joining our company, KleanSlate runs a background check and drug screening on its maids. Finally, we proudly stand behind our service with our Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know within 24-hours and we will gladly return to your home to ensure our service is completed as expected.
At KleanSlate, the company and its cleaning staff are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Often, individuals who clean do not make this investment to provide the assurance to their customers. We ask each of our potential customers to inquire to those they are considering for maid services about such coverage. Don’t stop there, ask to see proof – it’s for your protection. We are a professional cleaning company. If one of our cleaning professionals is sick, on vacation, or decides to leave the business, there is no disruption to your service as we maintain a full crew of housekeepers that will provide the needed coverage. We are invested in the community. We stand behind our guarantee.
Before KleanSlate hires maids, we ensure there’s evidence of passion to perform at an exceptional level as well as pride in their work. We run a background check and they have to successfully complete a drug screening. Upon hire, our cleaning professionals are trained, bonded and insured before donning the KleanSlate uniform and entering your home. Our housekeepers receive continued training and are supervised to ensure superior client service, quality maid service.
We feel the relationship with the customer is extremely important. Not only the relationship between KleanSlate and the client but perhaps more importantly, between the maid and the client. A prospering relationship is built upon trust, learning one another and effective communication – this can only be achieved over time. For this reason, we make every effort to ensure the same person services your home each visit. We take this one-step further, when the regular house cleaner cannot make it, we have designated back-ups so as to ensure that, even though it will not occur frequently, we maintain consistency with the back-up too.
Our standard hours for cleaning are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Because most of our customers are not home during these hours, they provide KleanSlate with a key to their home, which is securely maintained at the home office. House keys are only released to the maid on the day of service and are returned at the end of each business day.
KleanSlate’s policy requires that you notify us 48-hours prior to 8 a.m. of your scheduled service day. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. Our goal is to balance between providing our clients with maximum flexibility while maintaining a consistent schedule and income expectation for our maids.
If our maid comes to your house expecting to perform a regularly scheduled service but cannot for whatever reason, we have a $40 “Unable to Perform Scheduled Service” charge, which covers the cost of transportation as well as losing a service window and related revenue. This policy also applies to forgetting to leave payment, in which case we will not provide service.
We will call you in advance to reschedule a more convenient time when house cleanings fall on holidays. KleanSlate observes the following holidays and does not clean on these days: New Year’s Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day
We leave this to your discretion. Again, it’s about flexibility for our client and we have found some clients prefer that we use supplies that they already believe in, are used to, and have in stock. At the same time, we are happy to suggest the right supplies to meet the situation or provide the supplies in total. For customers choosing to provide their own supplies, we take 5% off of our standard maid service pricing.
KleanSlate provides each maid with thorough training and continued learning to ensure the highest quality and consistency in service for our customers. At the end of the day, we are a service business, in existence to simplify a small aspect of your life by removing the stress associated with the chore of cleaning. Therefore, if we do not meet your expectation, we absolutely will stand behind our work and more importantly the relationship we have with our customers. We do that by offering our guarantee – if you notify us within 24-hours, our house cleaning staff will return to your location, at your convenience, to make the situation right.
We do our best to treat your home with the utmost care. Although breakage is rare and unexpected, if something is inadvertently damaged during our service, we will do our best to repair or replace the item. Our maids are insured so claims are filed when appropriate.
Payments are due the day of your scheduled home cleaning service. KleanSlate encourages payment by MasterCard, Visa or Discover, where we offer a simplified pre-authorized option that allows us to automatically charge your card on the day of service. Advantages to this method of payment is there is no risk of forgetting to leave payment for the maid as well as this removes the need to have the maid handle the payment. As a form of appreciation, KleanSlate will provide a 3% discount against your standard maid service charge for customers choosing the pre-authorized option. Alternatively, we accept payment by check – just leave a check for the maid, made payable to KleanSlate. In the instance a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, we require payment immediately plus $25 to cover bank fees assessed. Also, as a reminder, if a payment choice has not been made and no payment is available upon the maid’s arrival, our house cleaning professional will not provide service. In such a situation, we have a $40 “Unable to Perform Scheduled Service” charge, which covers the cost of transportation as well as losing a service window and related revenue.
In the event our maid arrives at your house to carry out a regularly scheduled service and finds that the customer has forgotten to leave payment, our house cleaning professional will not provide service. In such a situation, we have a $40 “Unable to Perform Scheduled Service” charge, which covers the cost of transportation as well as losing a service window and related revenue. This policy also applies in the event you forget to notify us of the need to cancel a regularly scheduled service.
Dogs and cats are most common. As pet owners, we ask our customers to secure their pets in a fashion that the pets will not interfere with the cleaning process. If the pet is a risk of “slipping out” when the door is open, we highly encourage the pet being confined (e.g. kennel, garage, room that’s not being cleaned, lanai, etc.). At the end of the day, time attending to pets is not something KleanSlate factors into pricing. If there are other types of pets, we need to know about them before servicing so that we can ensure that the cleaning professional assigned to your account does not have any issues (allergies, fear, etc.).
Call 1-866-88KLEAN to set up a free, no-obligation in home consultation and then schedule your house cleaning.
It’s not possible to simply provide a cost estimate without seeing the service location. Because KleanSlate offers an exceptional list of standard services as well as many ways for our customers to customize a suite of optional services to suit their needs and also taking into account that every residence is different in terms of size, types of rooms, cleanliness, clutter, frequency, etc. it is very important we set up a free, no obligation in home consultation to determine pricing. Our goal for our customer is focused on removing the stress associated with the chore of cleaning and giving back time to enjoy the lifestyle of choice.
No. By the time our cleaning professionals are servicing customers, KleanSlate has made an investment in them, including time, training, administrative, uniforms, etc. Our maids sign an agreement restricting them from performing any cleaning service for any of our past or present customers, regardless of location, residential or commercial. However, in accordance with typical service companies (e.g. recruiters, consultants, etc.), if you wish to employ a staff member, our referral fee is $1,000.00. We consider our cleaning staff as our most valuable asset and charge accordingly.
Yes. They make a great practical gift suitable for many occasions (e.g. marriage, house-warming, appreciation, thanks, etc.) Gift Certificates are available in any denomination and can be used for recurring service or a one-time cleaning. We will be happy to send them to you or the recipient.