How to Quickly Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

The bathroom is one of the busiest areas of your house, and an area that almost every guest visits. Which means that it probably should get cleaned the most, but is a room that most people dread doing. So, if you have to get it done, why not use a few tricks to get it looking freshly scrubbed in less than 15 minutes.

  • The Bag

    Before you start cleaning the bathroom, hang a plastic sack on the doorknob to toss those used cleaning cloths and emptying the wastebasket -- you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before.

  • Flush it First

    After flushing the toilet, grab some bleach and pour a cup into the bowl. Brush around the sides and under the rim and then move on to the next task for five minutes.

  • Doing a Quick Shine

    While the toilet is soaking, take a spray bottle (which has been filled with half water and half white vinegar) and spray onto a paper towel or micro fiber cloth. Us this to attack those soap drips and toothpaste spatters on mirrors, countertops, faucets, and in the sink -- the things people really notice. For a really sparkling bathroom to impress your guests, give the same treatment to your shower doors.

  • Flip It

    Turn over one of your wipes with the vinegar solution on it and run it across the top of the toilet tank, then under, over, and around the seat. Go ahead and flush the bleach that has been sitting in the toilet bowl. Toss your wipes into the bag and continue on.

  • Towel Tricks

    Instead of changing all the towels, just put out fresh hand towels in the bathroom your guests will be using. After all, those are the only ones short-term guests will be using anyway. Just straighten up the bath towels on the bar. If you have a nice natural spray, then mist the towel with it to give a room a fresh smell. We recommend Zum Frankincense & Myrrh Mist by Indigo Wild which can be found in many supermarkets such as Publix.

  • Finishing Up

    Finally, it is time for the floor. Shake out your bath mat or rug to fluff it up and it will look like it has been recently vacuumed. Then, with a dampened paper towel, wipe the corners of the room, which is where most of the dirt collects. Throw the paper towel in your bag and take it with you when you leave. Your bathroom is now ready for any guests that you are entertaining.